We LOVE Sneak Peeks!

Some of the photographers that we work with do a little thing called a sneak peek. This is one of our most favorite things because what they do is "leak" a couple of the amazing photos that they've captured of a wedding or event just hours after they leave the site. This means that by the time us wedding planners wrap everything up for the night, peel off our (sensible, yet trendy) ballet flats and crawl into bed with our iPhones for a quick dose of Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest, these amazing photographers have already posted some of the most fantastic images you've ever seen. Well, Gina Petersen knocked it out of the park this weekend when I caught a glimpse of these amazing shots on my Facebook feed on Saturday night.




These images alone were enough to send me into a inspired slumber but then this one popped up as I was liking and sharing away.



I mean really?!? Nothing tells me that the day was as beautiful and magical as we hoped it would be like pictures like these!! Thank you Gina (and all photographers who grace us with these early images!)

To see Gina's full Sneak Peek blog posting, head on over to [embed]http://ginapetersenphotography.com/weddings/olympias-valley-sonoma-wedding-photographer-sneak-peek-julie-and-luke/[/embed]. If the last picture on there doesn't make your heart flutter, we don't know why you're even reading this blog ;-)

xx Danielle