What NOT to say to a recently engaged couple

If you know someone who recently got engaged during the holidays or who have announced their engagement this holiday season, here's a little etiquette reminder about what the correct response is: "Congratulations!" "I'm so excited for you!" "Tell  me about the proposal" are all socially acceptable responses to the couple's happy news. On the list of things not to ask a couple who have just announced their nuptials are: "Have you set a date?" "Am I going to be in the wedding party?" and any of the following  actual cringe-worthy responses:

  1. "So I take it you're not wearing white?"
  2. "I hate weddings."  Thanks! So glad I can cross you off the invite list, then.
  3. "Are you pregnant!?", "So, when are you having kids?", or even "You're old to be getting married. Better get pregnant right away!"
  4. "You better lose some weight before the wedding!"
  5. "I thought you'd never get married! You were such a swinging single!" Or even worse, "Dude, you finally let yourself be trapped, huh? Welcome to the jail of married life."
  6. "I can't believe you're marrying him." (or her)
  7. "This is so soon! Are you sure this is the right decision?"
  8. "Maybe this one will last."
  9. "I can't wait to come! I'm trying to decide who to bring as my date!"
  10. "Who's paying for the wedding? It must be costing you a fortune!"
  11. Any sentence that begins with the words, "You HAVE to" or "Well, traditionally, you know" or is another way of saying, "You're doing it wrong." And my favorite inappropriate thing people say is:
  12. "You know 50% of marriages end in divorce, don't you?" Actually that's a false statistic. The actual rate is closer to 24% for couples older than 25. But it's always great to have a pessimist around to rain on my parade.