Sonoma Wedding Show

We just got done with another super fun wedding show and we wanted to share some pictures of our fun day! We didn't get to snap too many pictures because we were having too much fun chatting with potential new clients and awesome vendors to pick up our phones but here are a few of our favorite details!

Kiri setting up our booth bright and early this morning. We rarely get to snap pictures during set up but this one shows our favorite Kai Squared set up uniform that always brings a smile to our clients and our fellow vendors.


Our booth all set up before they opened the doors. We loved the colors and the casual vintage inspiration. Since Dazzling Blue was officially named the 2014 color of the year last week, we were so glad that we had the foresight to include it in our color inspiration.


We wanted to know a little more about the couples that we met at the Show so we had each couple pin a knotted ribbon under their wedding month. It looks like May and August are going to be some seriously busy months for weddings in Sonoma County!