FYI Friday: Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator? Clients and even industry professionals regularly mix up these two terms or use them interchangeably and today we're going to set the record straight: A Wedding Coordinator is the person who is on site on your wedding day to help implement your wedding plans. A Wedding Planner is the professional who provides guidance, logistical support and planning assistance throughout your wedding planning process.

Still seem a little too similar to warrant an entire blog post? Allow us to elaborate with some examples:


A Wedding Coordinator is a vendor who has the skill set to resolve on the spot issues or problems on your wedding day should your planning fall short in any way. They are an invaluable asset to any couple getting married to ensure that all issues are addressed- your Fixer. The heroic ways in which they save the day are innumerable and regularly go unseen by the couple. However, they do not create timelines, they do not consult on layouts or design details. Their job is not to conduct site visits or field late-night panicky phone calls because your headcount is way off from the guarantee that you gave the caterer. A Wedding Coordinator is not supposed to have answers as to why cocktail hour was scheduled for 2.5 hours or why the parents of the couples were accidentally sat all the way across the room. They are there to do the work that you would rather not do on your wedding day, and they do it well. They know how to resolve last-minute hiccups in an efficient and effective manner and they typically charge based on the amount of time that you would like them to be on site for your wedding day. 

A Wedding Planner is a professional that will help to guide you through the process of planning your wedding, many times from engagement up to your wedding day. They understand the elements of successful event design and are educated in wedding etiquette and traditions. They know current trends and maintain relationships with professional vendors. A Wedding Planner can consult on budget questions and venue permitting, and is responsible for staying on top of all local laws and rules regarding events (and there are a lot!). Things that are not included in a Wedding Planner's job description, however, are schlepping equipment or climbing the rickety ladder to string the twinkly lights they helped you decide on. They are not the one that is going to be on site at 6:00 am to start draping fabric panels from the rafters or driving out to find the bakery's broken down van and transporting the cake with the AC on full-blast two hours before your wedding (true story, remind us to tell you that story another time!). A Wedding Planner can tell you which flowers will be in the height of their season at the time of your wedding, but does not sit elbow deep in those flowers creating your DIY centerpieces as your guests arrive. Their pricing is based on their experience, education and quality of performance.

So then, which is right for you? A Wedding Planner or A Wedding Coordinator? At Kai Squared, our solution is: BOTH!

There's no reason why you can't have an experienced Planner who can also implement all of those amazing plans  as your Coordinator, which is why of our Event Professionals have years of experience in both roles. Our Event Professionals serve as both Event Designer (Planner) and Event Producer (Coordinator) on any given day giving them the most comprehensive understanding of your event- from both sides of the coin. If you're in need of some professional help for your wedding, give us a call and we'll help you look at your event from every perspective.