Tuesday Tip: Fundraising Events

Tuesday Tip Fundraising It's Back to School time. Which means it's THAT time of year again… FUNDRAISERS ARE COMING!

Whether you're a parent who has recently found themselves "elected" head of the fundraising committee, a student trying to raise funds for an amazing end of the year party or have a family member or friend you know will be knocking down your door to get you to buy candy/wrapping paper/magazine subscriptions/popcorn any minute, we have a suggestion to help ease the worry: Suggest a fundraising event!

Fundraising events should be an important part of any fundraising campaign as they can engage your current supporters and volunteers in new and meaningful ways and build relationships between your organization and the community. Most importantly, a well-planned and well-executed fundraising event can help you push your fundraising goals over the top by giving donors something that they actually WANT, a fun and exciting way to support you and your organization!

If you have a fundraising event that you'd like to incorporate into your fundraising campaign or an existing fundraiser that could use a little extra push this year, contact Kai Squared Events to schedule a consultation. We have over twenty years of combined experience designing and creating effective fundraising events for schools, non-profit organizations and social groups and clubs and we'd love to help you with you next event!