Tuesday Tip: Selecting Wedding Vendors

DIY TuesdayTipWe are regularly asked by couples what our best advise is for DIY Wedding Planners and our advise is always the same: Secure talented, professional and experienced vendors, and book them early! We really can't stress this enough for those who are forgoing a wedding planner (as much as it breaks our heart, we know you're out there!). Booking vendors that are new to the industry, have never done an event at your venue, or don't have an extensive body of work and list of references to share can make the process much more difficult in the long run. There are many instances when these up-and-coming vendors are just as talented (if not more!) as those who have been around longer, but we strongly advise that if you are going to hire one of these amazing ingenues or ask a super-talented friend to help out, that you round out your team with some seasoned professionals.

In general, long-standing industry professionals are better able to anticipate issues before they arise and address them promptly which makes your job (and theirs) much easier. So ask to see examples of work they have done at a venue like yours or for a wedding  with a feel similar to yours (i.e., outside wedding, barn or rustic events, day time events where whether might be a concern, large wedding parties, etc).

Remember, the "discounts" that you may get from vendors do not always translate to high value with a smaller price tag and it's almost always better to pay fair prices for experienced professional vendors.


Kai Squared works with many wedding professionals that we will whole-heartedly recommend to clients and non-clients alike. To request a list of Sonoma County vendors that we know can make your Big Day amazing, contact Kai Squared Events.