Inspirations and Crafting Love

We draw a lot of our passion for what we do from the creative side of event design. Determining how to create a complex and highly ritualistic event that is also personal to our clients is a challenge we never tire of accepting. Like in any other creative endeavors, we can occasionally find ourselves stuck and in search of inspiration. While our industry standard "Pinspiration" is important to understanding our clients styles and aesthetics, we love getting inspired by local artists who are constantly pushing their creativity and driving their passion through creativity. This weekend, I spent some time at the Patchwork Show in Oakland talking with Bay Area based designers, artists, crafters and fellow creatives. Hearing and seeing their passion for their goods, products, designs and craft was all I needed to get my creative juices flowing again and we can't wait to bring some of what we saw into our upcoming celebrations.  Here are a few of our favorite vendors we had the chance to meet this weekend:


Bottle of Clouds: Cute and colorful random things created from fabrics and woods.

This e-shop is chocked full of super cute tchotchkes that would be perfect as a favor, place marker or drink marker at your next event. She does custom orders and told me she loves coming up with creative ways to reflect her clients' aesthetics. The artist makes all the items herself, so going this route would support a local artisan and would help you avoid the "that's been done before" dilemma.


The Upcycled Bottle

The name of this company alone stopped me in my tracks... and then I saw their amazing wares! In addition to their yummy candles in upcycled wine bottles, we loved their "drunken succulents" which would be perfect place markers or fantastic in a cluster on a cocktail table. The possibilities are endless for where we want to use these and we're guessing from their kindred love of the word and practice of upcycling (see we've used it three times in this paragraph!) that they're game to create some fun custom goodies for your next party!


GoGo Craft: Mobile Craft Workshops

Another kindred spirit, Amelia from GoGo Craft spoke to my heart with her mobile crafting parties for all ages, skill levels and occasions. Crafting isn't just for 8 year old birthday parties any more! Imagine having a make your own take-away station at your next corporate event, bridal shower, or even a make your own favor or gift table at your wedding?!?

Thinking about having some amazing DIY touches at your wedding? Get your girlfriends together for a crafting party and let GoGo Craft take the reigns while you enjoy the fun of creating custom decor for your wedding! Don't have 15 pairs of scissors on hand? Not sure how much glue to buy for the project? That's where GoGo Craft comes in! Stress free crafting at it's finest!

Inspiration comes in some very fun and unexpected ways. Where do you find inspiration for your celebrations?

Inspiration- "a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation"