{In the Trenches}

Kiri and I are great friends. We have so much in common that we are constantly surpising ourselves with our similarities. We weighed the same at birth. We had many of the same friends growing up. We have the same aesthetic tastes in event decor. We went to the same college. We both have three-year-olds named Kaiya/Kaia. As teachers, we share a classroom. We both get a slight pain in our right hip when it rains... You get the point.

So last night as we were getting ready to strategize about our upcoming event this weekend as Wedding Coordinators atย Rivertown Revival's Hitching Post, it came as no surpise that we had the following text conversation that every mom dreads:

Danielle: "OMG! She has CHICKENPOX!!"

Kiri: "Oh my god, Kai has little dots all over her..."

It seems that our similarities now also include the presence of the Varicella virus. Rearing it's ugly head on the busiest week of our summer...


But the show must go on! So our little troopers are going to have to be the tough Event Planners' kids once again; soaking in oatmeal baths while we field phone calls and emails, resting on the couch while Mom coordinates volunteer schedules and production timelines, and watching "The Little Mermaid" for the 376th time while we sit in on a conference call.

No one said event planning was easy. Don't try this at home- We're professionals!