Why we should work together, even if you don't want to hire me.

 Photography from  Melody White Studios

Photography from Melody White Studios

Not every couple needs a wedding planner or a coordinator for their big day. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. 

I do not want to work with EVERY. SINGLE. COUPLE. and EVERY. SINGLE. COUPLE. should not want to work with us (no matter how amazing our clients and mothers say we are). I am also a firm believer that my services (or those of wedding planners, in general) are not always necessary for every wedding.

But I will always (and I mean ALWAYS) recommend that every couple at least meet with a wedding planner early in the planning process whether they are planning to hire one or not. And here is why:

Most wedding planners are in this industry because we really love helping people celebrate their wedding day in whatever way is perfect to them. We believe that each couple's unique style should shine through on their big day and we really want couples to work with trusted, reliable professionals who feel the same way that we do. A wedding planner knows the questions to ask to help determine which vendors will fit your style, budget and work style and can help you narrow down the endless list of possibilities and put you on the right track to building your dream team. 

A meeting with a wedding planner early in the planning process can help put you on a more realistic track to stay within your budget. We love an informed couple, but unfortunately, there is a lot of seemingly logical mis-information available out there just waiting to throw a savvy couple off their game. I can't tell you how many couples have used Online Budget Calculators to help them estimate how much each vendor should cost, only to be knocked off their blocks when they started getting quotes from local vendors. Including a professional wedding planner in the budget planning process means that you will be armed with more realistic estimates for each budget category as well as a list of vendors that will be able to deliver professional results within your budget range. 

A planner can give you a breakdown of what you should be accomplishing throughout the planning process and a better idea of how to manage the workload. If you are a serious DIYer, we can also give you tips on logistical things to consider when it comes to your wedding. We love that you want make that GIANT chalkboard Photo Booth backdrop that you saw on Pinterest or that you're going to refinish that old dresser that you found at the flea market to use as a beverage station (and we love that you have the know-how to do so!). But we know from experience that large scale projects require some coordination on the day of, so we're happy to share our advice and experience on how to make that go smoothly. 

You're going to get a lot of advice along the way, and a lot of it is going to be wrong. (Un)fortunately, everyone you know who got married in the last five years is going to have lots of wisdom to impart in the name of being helpful and supportive. But unless your maid of honor/cousin/co-worker is a professional wedding planner, their recommendations are going to be pretty dang biased because they probably hired  the caterer/florist/officiant that was recommended to them by a friend of a friend and without consideration for your specific style. You're also going to be told that you MUST HAVE the favors/fancy programs + menus/a photo booth/a band or whatever else your aunt or future mother in law had at their wedding and a wedding planner can provide some advice on the reality of what you must have and what you can do without and not sacrifice the guest experience or blowing the budget.

Scheduling a planning meeting with a wedding planner can be one of the easiest ways to avoid serious roadblocks along the way and help you ward off those crazy stressful nights when you JUST.CAN'T. INTERVIEW. ANOTHER. FLORIST!

It can also be much less costly then you might think: Some planners offer a Planning Only Package for significantly less than a full service package (KSE Custom Planning Package starts at $250) and others offer an hourly meeting rate anywhere from $50-$75 an hour to help get your plan in place and give you some tips on how to avoid some stressful situations along the way. 

Happy Planning! 

Xx Danielle