Tip Tuesday: Digital Do's and Don'ts

Some of our clients are so plugged in that they can't even fathom planning a wedding or celebrating the biggest day of their life without social media or their favorite apps. We're all for utilizing the newest and greatest tools, but your wedding day is a day that you and your loved ones should be connected to one another rather than your smart phones. After consulting with dozens of clients about the best way to navigate tech etiquette at their weddings, we thought we'd put together a few Digital Do's and Don'ts: Wedding 068DO ask guests to use a special hashtag for wedding posts, tweets and pictures. Embrace the fact that the majority of your guests will be snapping away and let them know (either via a note on the program or cute signage at the wedding) how they can add to your virtual wedding album. Check out our Pinterest Board for cute ideas to let your guests know how you would like them to use their tech at your wedding.

DON'T use disposable cameras. Thanks to smartphones, we have unlimited photo do-overs. Plus, disposable camera images don't usually turn out very well.

DO create a private Pinterest board. Pinterest is a bride's best friend, but what's the point if your whole social network can see the details of your wedding before the big day? Use your private boards for your best ideas to share with your wedding planner, florist and photographer.

DON'T crowdsource your wedding planning. Going to a wedding is like watching a movie for the first time; it's not as exciting if someone has already spoiled the story.  Try not to give your guests too many spoilers (i.e. peeks at the wedding dress or Instagrams of the signage or place card display) and ruin the surprise.

6300-140614_366DO take a selfie… Or ten!  After all, this is probably the most expensive outfit you'll ever wear!

DON'T tuck your phone in your cleavage! This is one day when all eyes are on you and no one has ever looked classy and glamorous pulling an iPhone out of her bra… Find a cute clutch if you must keep your phone at hand all night.

DO give your wedding party and VIPs all the details in a handy and accessible way. Apps like WeddingParty and Appy Couple allow you to share travel, lodging and event information with friends and family and eliminating the endless email streams and group text messages (which I will remind everyone reading, are a privilege and not a right).

Wedding 242DON'T let guests take photos at the ceremony. You are (most likely) paying a lot for your wedding photographer and nothing can ruin a beautiful first kiss shot quite like Uncle Joe holding up his iPad to snap a picture or, even worse, jumping in front of the photographer with his new Cannon SLR to steal the shot. ***The exception to this hard and fast rule, however, is when you're choosing to live stream the ceremony for family and loved ones who cannot be there (for health or travel reasons). If this is the case,  let your wedding planner or photographer know so that they can help find the best and most unobtrusive location for the video to happen.

DO be tasteful and tactful about your updates and posts. Unless you are planning to invite each and everyone of your 511 Facebook friends, refrain from overzealous posts about how "This is going to be the most epic wedding party ever!" and "All my favorite people in the entire world will be at our wedding this weekend!" to avoid post-wedding fallout and hurt feelings.

The new standards of wedding etiquette are ever-changing but the golden rule is still the best rule: Treat others (weddings) as you would like them to treat you(r wedding). If you'll be a guest at a wedding this summer, make sure that you think before you post!

Happy Planning! Xx Danielle