FYI Friday: What a Wedding Costs


Happy Friday! Yesterday, Lauren from Every Last Detail shared this amazing infographic of the actual cost of a wedding when you use a team of professionals.

Don't get me wrong, DIY touches are usually the sweetest and most memorable details at any wedding, but knowing when to DIY (or let your friends and family DIThemselves) is something your team of wedding professionals can help advise on to ensure that the event is not only beautiful, but stress-free and enjoyable for you (because THAT is the point of the whole day!!)

As you read through this, just remember these are NATIONAL AVERAGES and do not necessarily reflect pricing in your area (Sonoma County weddings average closer to $30k) and working with professionals can actually help to reduce some of the costs of your wedding. As a professional wedding planner, I can help advise on where you can cut corners, alternative options for vendors, suggest private venues that may not be available to the general "bridal" public, and help secure professional and industry discounts.



If you read through this and had a mild to moderate panic attack when you read $50k here's what I want you to do: TAKE A DEEP BREATH! and remember that you can celebrate your love and marriage with any size budget and still have a beautiful day that is uniquely you. For some ideas on how this can be done, contact Danielle today to schedule a complimentary consultation (See! You already saved $250!).

Happy Planning!

X Danielle