"It's ACTUALLY happening!"

"This just got so real!"

"It's ACTUALLY happening!"

"I can't believe it's here already!"

Keep Calm I'm A Wedding Planner

I hear this all the time. This usually means that we're one to two months from a couple's wedding date and all those little details that they weren't going to worry about until we got closer are bubbling to the surface and demanding attention. Fortunately, couples who have enlisted the help of a wedding planner (such as myself) have a shoulder to lean on when this time comes and most likely the head attached to those shoulders is on straight and has already thought of all those little things.

As we get closer to the wedding date, the frequency of meetings, text messages and phone calls from the couple and their brigade increase three-fold. Whether it's a DIY favor disaster, a flakey friend who was supposed to take on several key tasks or a wardrobe malfunction, I am usually one of the first calls. While clients might think that my problem-solving answer or quick fix comes out of the blue, that Plan B (or C, D, or E) has been in my head and in my notes since our first consultation and I have the experience and connections to know when to enact each one of those well-thought-out plans. It may seem as if picking up my cell phone, snapping my fingers and proclaiming, "I've got this taken care of!" is all last minute but I've known this dilemma was coming and already come up with a plan for how to take care of it! Remember: this is why you hired me in the first place.

So in the weeks leading up to the Big Day, since I have all the big picture and little details handled, I try to task my couples with only a handful of action items that will ensure that their celebration is perfect and they enjoy every minute of it.

keep calm

  1. Drink plenty of water. Water is not only good for your body, it's good for your mind. When you find yourself getting stressed, drink a glass of water, take some deep breaths and you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll start thinking rationally again.
  2. Get your body moving. Most engaged couples have probably been sweating for the wedding to make sure that they look their very best for all those photos and doting eyes. Don't stop just because you've had your final fitting! Exercise will help reduce stress and pump up those endorphins so that you don't sweat the small stuff. Go for a hike, a run, a bike ride, just don't overdo it or you'll be hobbling down the aisle.
  3. Go on a date. Remember that you're marrying the love of your life. Wedding planning can be stressful so make sure that you're spending some quality time together to keep that fire burning. And cake tasting IS NOT considered a date.
  4. Unplug for a little while. Not for days at a time, but if you've taken care of the big picture details, trust that your team of professionals can handle the REAL crises while you put your phone away for a 90 massage or simply for a girls night. That email from Aunt Doreen about special reserved seating for her Mini Doberman DOES NOT need to be answered immediately (or ever!).
  5. Eat real food. I am guilty of stress eating and indulging in the comfort foods when I'm at the top of my bandwidth but when you have glowing, radiant skin and shiny, gorgeous hair on the day of your wedding, you'll be glad that you opted for that green smoothie over the shamrock shake.

If you haven't already enlisted a planner or a coordinator (there is a difference), it's not too late. A professional can help you organize last minute details and prioritize what still needs to be done with just weeks to go so that you can take care of yourself.

Happy Planning! xx Danielle