Kaitlin + Richard: Featured!

Kai Squared Events on Borrowed & Blue

There are some weddings that are just so special and touching and stunning that they get lots of attention and coverage from wedding blogs and editors for months after the actual wedding date.

Kaitlin + Rich had that kind of day. In addition to their feature on The Knot earlier this spring, K+R were featured this morning on Borrowed + Blue!

One of the most important components to the recipe for a day like this is an amazing team of wedding professionals and K+R had the best of the best and we were so honored to be included in that line up!

Christopher Cooke Photography, Planet Entertainment DJ, Grapevine Catering, Divine Creations Floral, Encore Events Rentals, and Soda Rock Winery: Thank you for working so hard to make K+R's Wedding this special! It was such an honor to work alongside you on this event! 

Real Wedding Wednesday: Corey + Anthony

Corey is the epitome of a planner. Having had her and Anthony as clients for two years, I knew this first hand and I knew that there wasn't going to be a detail overlooked when their big day finally rolled around. 

Well, man was I right! Corey + Anthony organized so many of their big details early in the process leaving them plenty of time to enjoy their engagement and pay special attention to the thoughtful details of their day. And just as planned, everything went as smoothly and gorgeously as they had planned. 

We even had the pleasure of helping the Father of the Bride surprise Corey with an amazing videographer on the day of their wedding. Thank you to Wilson from Baby Blue Films for capturing the beauty of their day!

And a HUGE thank you to their amazing event partners! We were so happy to work with such a great team!

Catering: Cordoza's Catering

Venue: Villa Chanticleer

Rentals: Encore Events Rentals

Photography: Sarah Marcellas Photography

Videography: Baby Blue Films

DJ: Planet DJ Entertainment

Cake: Sweet Expectations

Officiant: Richard Meyer from Marry Me Wine Country

Partial Planning + Coordination: Kai Squared Events

Flowers: Flower Sweeties




Tip Tuesday: 8 Ways To Relax The Week Before Your Wedding

We love this article recently posted by WeddingWire.com and wanted to share it with all of our couples who are in the final days and weeks of planning their big day. 

Remember! This is a celebration of you and your honey so once the big details are handled, it's time to hand it over to your coordinator and RELAX!!

See this original article here.

With only a week away from the wedding, you feel like you have a million items left on your to-do list, right? Before turning into a last-minute bridezilla, take a step back from the stress and remember to R-E-L-A-X! Here are eight tips to keeping calm, cool, and collected: 

Go to the gym

Even if exercise is already part of your normal routine, you should lace up those tennis shoes and hit the fitness center nearby. Break a sweat running on the treadmill, meditating in hot yoga, or taking a cycling class, then treat yourself to fro-yo. Compromise is important! 

Squeeze in the spa 

Book an appointment a couple weeks in advance. Go all out with a mani/pedi and massage to loosen up those kinks and knots in your neck, back, and feet. While you are at it, throw in a facial and waxing for good measure. Keep in mind that it should not be your first time getting any of these specific types of treatments. 

Take a trip to the mall 

Perhaps, you still need a rehearsal dinner dress or an outfit for the morning-after brunch. Use this as an opportunity for retail therapy and peruse a department store to find something you really love (and can wear again and again). Do not have time to hit the mall? There is always overnight shipping for those online shoppers, but that will cost you extra bucks. 

Eat a healthy home-cooked meal 

Did you happen to check out Ali Maffucci’s guest post on healthy recipes from her Inspiralizedcookbook? She suggested: sweet potato noodle chicken fajitas, apple tuna salad bell pepper sandwiches, chicken basil pomodoro zucchini pasta, or bacon shrimp zucchini noodle scampi. 

Resist looking up the weather every 15 minutes

It is okay to admit it—you have either read the Old Farmer’s Almanac's predictions, researched previous season's temperatures, or downloaded a radar tracking app on your phone. At this point, it is out of your control. Plan B should already be executed in case of an emergency. 

Leave work at work 

Chat with colleagues before turning on an “out of the office” email response. Everyone should be more than willing to help with that workload during your honeymoon absence abroad. 

Catch up on your DVR 

Spend your last night at home watching a few of your favorite TV shows or movies that are always in the queue: House of Cards, Father of the Bride, Game of Thrones, or Wedding Crashers. 

Indulge in guilty pleasures 

Purchase a plethora of magazines in the grocery store check-out aisle. That way you have gossip to dish out to your bridesmaids while getting ready the morning of. Maybe grab a bag of candy in case you need to cure your sweet tooth too

Tip Tuesday: Navigating Dietary Requirements

 Dietary Requirements Guide from Flotku

Dietary Requirements Guide from Flotku

Specific dietary requirements can no longer be avoided with more and more people identifying with dietary restrictive lifestyles. Dietary requirements can be of a medical, religious or lifestyle nature, so it is important to display openness and creativity when it comes to dietary requirements. Fortunately, if you don't know what it means when your cousin lets you know that their date is a lactose-intollerant pescetarian with a pine nut allergy, we've got you covered with the bible of definitions and recommendations from our friends at Floktu.


Most people can identify with the restrictions of a vegetarian diet: no meat, poultry or fish. Non-meat diets are increasingly more common, which arrives concurrently with a plethora of options to provide your attendees with.

Recommendation: Provide a non-meat, protein alternative so your vegetarian attendees do not go hungry. They will appreciate being served more than just salad.


People following a vegan lifestyle do not consume any meat product, or any product of an animal. This means no dairy products, no eggs and of course no meat, poultry or fish.

Recommendation: There are a plethora of soy-derived, wheat based and other protein options available to serve to those of a Vegan diet, which can be supplemented with vegetables, nuts, grains and other raw products.


Most simply put, a pescetarian diet is the same as a Vegetarian diet, however seafood is consumed. In other words, no meat or poultry is the only restriction. Dairy & egg products are ok, but meat stocks are not.

Recommendation: As well as a vegetarian option, be sure to include a fish option in your menu that does not use any kind of meat stock. If it does include a sprinkling of a meat product, make sure there is an option to have it without.

Gluten-Free / Celiac

People suffering celiac disease cannot eat anything containing gluten, which is a protein most often found in wheat, rye, barley and oats products. Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, rice, quinoa, beans, legumes and nuts are all ok.

Recommendation: If you’re providing something traditionally heavy in gluten like pizza, ensure a gluten-free option is available. Gluten-free options are becoming increasingly readily available.

Lactose Intolerant

Lactose is a sugar found in milk and to a lesser extent, dairy products. Consuming lactose for people with this intolerance can cause very uncomfortable symptoms such as flatulence & bloating amongst others.

Recommendation: We recommend offering a range of milks at your coffee bar, including Soy & Nut Milks to cater for milk preferences, and offering dairy-free desert options. Many people who are lactose intolerant can tolerate products of goats & sheep, so consider a dairy-free cheese option too.

Nut Allergies

Nut allergies, and specifically peanut allergies, are one of the most dangerous allergies, because even the smallest trace of a particular nut can cause an extremely harmful allergic reaction.

Recommendation: To ensure guests can have a truly comfortable experience, it is best to identify which menu or snack items have been prepared in the presence of nuts or nut oils by labeling this with a card next to the food, or on the menu.

Shellfish Allergies

Certain religions forbid consuming shellfish, but shellfish allergies are also common. Shellfish includes Lobster, Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Shellfish Roe, Squid, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Crayfish, Crabs and more.

Recommendation: It is best to identify when shellfish is an ingredient (especially if it not immediately obvious), and when other food has been prepared in the presence of shellfish.


Guests following a kosher diet will not eat pork or shellfish, but will eat meat & poultry if it is butchered in a kosher fashion. Kosher guests will also avoid eating dairy & meat at the same meal.

Recommendation: Ensure portion sizes of your meals are large enough if dairy or meat is not consumed, and ensure your vendors have a Kosher butchering option available before you proceed with them.


Observant Muslims will abstain from eating any pork, or any meat if it has not been blessed          in a way that follows the Muslim tradition. Alcohol will also be avoided.

Recommendation: Again, ensure your vendors have a Halal option available if any attendees select this option on their response card.

Top Ten Wedding Superstitions

We've all heard the usual wedding superstitions: "Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue" "The couple shouldn't see each other before the ceremony." "Rain on your wedding day is good luck!"

But we've been in this business for a long time and have heard and seen some of the most off-the-wall superstitions . So here's our Top Ten List of the most peculiar wedding superstitions:

  1. All the guests should eat some wedding cake to ensure good luck. It is believed than an unmarried male guest who keeps a piece of wedding cake under his pillow as he sleeps will increase his chances of finding a mate. An unmarried bridesmaid who does the same will dream of her future husband.
  2. A bride should exit her house from the front door and step out right foot first.
  3. Marrying when the hands on the clock are on their way down is bad luck. It's considered far better to marry between the half hour and the hour, when the hands are moving back up, otherwise, your marriage will always be going downhill.
  4. Once the wedding ring has been placed on the finger, it is considered bad luck to remove it. If the ring accidentally comes off, your spouse must replace it on your finger.
  5. Some things that are considered lucky: seeing a chimney sweep on your wedding day (in England, it is popular to hire one to ensure good luck), lambs,  toads, and rainbows.
  6. Unlucky omens include: a new wife tripping as she enters her home (this is why the groom carries her over the threshold), seeing a nun or a monk on the wedding day (because they represent chastity and poverty), open graves, pigs, and hearing a rooster crow after dawn.
  7. Burying an unopened bottle of bourbon at the site of the ceremony exactly one month before the wedding to ensure good weather
  8. Finding a spider on your wedding dress before walking down the aisle is a sign of good luck.
  9. It is Bad Luck to have visible mirrors in the Ceremony area. It is Bad luck for the Bride to see herself in the mirror fully dressed before the wedding... she should leave off one item of clothing such as a shoe or something.
  10. If you can persuade a cat to eat out of your left show one week before the wedding, good luck will bless your married life.

Did you or will you observe any superstitions on your wedding day?

Tip Tuesday: "Adults Only" Wedding Ettiquette

I have gotten a lot of questions lately about how to tactfully address the topic of not inviting children to your wedding celebration so I figured this post might help clarify a few things. 

First of all, let's get clear on some terminology. Things are not always black and white and there is a difference between "Adults Only" and "Adults Mostly."

 Opal Moments Photography

Opal Moments Photography

Adults Only- If you are holding your wedding at a winery or tavern (or other location where it might not be appropriate to let your second cousins' hellion children run amuck in the presence of copious amounts of alcohol and things to fall off of), you might want to opt for an Adults Only Reception. This will not only give you the piece of mind knowing that no one has to police the tweenagers trying to sneak sips of your signature cocktail, but it will also allow you to focus on planning an awesome party where your friends and family can let their hair down and have some fun. 

Adults Mostly- If you couldn't imagine celebrating your wedding without your mini-tourage of nieces and nephews but you don't want to open the flood-gates for e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. to bring their offspring (I mean, really people?! Did you have NOTHING better to do the winter of 2009?!) it is okay to be selective about whose children you invite to be a part of your big day. The general rule is that "no kids" doesn't apply to children in the wedding party or immediate family but it is your prerogative who you do and do not invite.

 Gina Petersen Photography

Gina Petersen Photography

So how do you go about communicating this to your guests?

  • Carefully crafted correspondence. We don't recommend an UPPERCASE BOLD ITALICIZED "NO CHILDREN" directive on your invitation, so you should think about including a reception card or link to your website which states your intentions for an "Adults Only" celebration. Try a few of the following to figure out which carries the tone your going for:
    • "In order to allow all guests, including parents, an evening of relaxation we have chosen for our wedding day to be an adult only occasion. We hope this advance notice means you are still able to share our big day and will enjoy having the evening off!"
    • "To give all our guests the opportunity to let their hair down and have a good time without having to worry about little eyes and ears we politely request no children."
    • "While we love to watch the children run and play, this is an adults only kind of day."
    • "Sweet dreams to children under 16"
  • If your venue is not appropriate for young guests, please be clear with guests:
    • "Due to restrictions at our venue, children are not invited."
    • "Management request no children under 16 (or whatever age this may be)."
    • "By request of management no children."
    • "Regrettably children are unable to attend."
  • If you're just being selective about the children that you're inviting, avoid stating a "Adults Mostly" policy entirely and make a point to clearly indicate who is invited (and therefore, who is not invited).
    • Addressing the invitations to "Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Parker" rather than "The Parker Family" is step one. 
    • Consider including an inner envelope that gets even more specific ("Tim and Jane Parker")
    • If they haven't gotten the picture by then, try some sneaky subtlety in the RSVP wording and go ahead and hand-write the number of invites you are extending to the adults. 

We have reserved _____ seats in your honor

___ of ___ Attending
___ of ___ Declining


  • It is your wedding and your choice how it is celebrated.
  • Whether you are making this choice to help relieve some pressure on the budget or in order to create the ambiance you truly want, we know that there was some serious considerations made and that you are not a heartless, child-hating human. 
  • Don't let your friends or family guilt you into inviting all of their kids just because you have a small army of flower-girls who you actually want there. You are hosting the party, not them.
  • Although it's a sweet gesture, you are not responsible for providing childcare for the children of your guests. If you don't pay for their babysitter when they go to a movie, don't feel like you have to provide a nanny for them to come to your wedding.



Why we should work together, even if you don't want to hire me.

 Photography from  Melody White Studios

Photography from Melody White Studios

Not every couple needs a wedding planner or a coordinator for their big day. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. 

I do not want to work with EVERY. SINGLE. COUPLE. and EVERY. SINGLE. COUPLE. should not want to work with us (no matter how amazing our clients and mothers say we are). I am also a firm believer that my services (or those of wedding planners, in general) are not always necessary for every wedding.

But I will always (and I mean ALWAYS) recommend that every couple at least meet with a wedding planner early in the planning process whether they are planning to hire one or not. And here is why:

Most wedding planners are in this industry because we really love helping people celebrate their wedding day in whatever way is perfect to them. We believe that each couple's unique style should shine through on their big day and we really want couples to work with trusted, reliable professionals who feel the same way that we do. A wedding planner knows the questions to ask to help determine which vendors will fit your style, budget and work style and can help you narrow down the endless list of possibilities and put you on the right track to building your dream team. 

A meeting with a wedding planner early in the planning process can help put you on a more realistic track to stay within your budget. We love an informed couple, but unfortunately, there is a lot of seemingly logical mis-information available out there just waiting to throw a savvy couple off their game. I can't tell you how many couples have used Online Budget Calculators to help them estimate how much each vendor should cost, only to be knocked off their blocks when they started getting quotes from local vendors. Including a professional wedding planner in the budget planning process means that you will be armed with more realistic estimates for each budget category as well as a list of vendors that will be able to deliver professional results within your budget range. 

A planner can give you a breakdown of what you should be accomplishing throughout the planning process and a better idea of how to manage the workload. If you are a serious DIYer, we can also give you tips on logistical things to consider when it comes to your wedding. We love that you want make that GIANT chalkboard Photo Booth backdrop that you saw on Pinterest or that you're going to refinish that old dresser that you found at the flea market to use as a beverage station (and we love that you have the know-how to do so!). But we know from experience that large scale projects require some coordination on the day of, so we're happy to share our advice and experience on how to make that go smoothly. 

You're going to get a lot of advice along the way, and a lot of it is going to be wrong. (Un)fortunately, everyone you know who got married in the last five years is going to have lots of wisdom to impart in the name of being helpful and supportive. But unless your maid of honor/cousin/co-worker is a professional wedding planner, their recommendations are going to be pretty dang biased because they probably hired  the caterer/florist/officiant that was recommended to them by a friend of a friend and without consideration for your specific style. You're also going to be told that you MUST HAVE the favors/fancy programs + menus/a photo booth/a band or whatever else your aunt or future mother in law had at their wedding and a wedding planner can provide some advice on the reality of what you must have and what you can do without and not sacrifice the guest experience or blowing the budget.

Scheduling a planning meeting with a wedding planner can be one of the easiest ways to avoid serious roadblocks along the way and help you ward off those crazy stressful nights when you JUST.CAN'T. INTERVIEW. ANOTHER. FLORIST!

It can also be much less costly then you might think: Some planners offer a Planning Only Package for significantly less than a full service package (KSE Custom Planning Package starts at $250) and others offer an hourly meeting rate anywhere from $50-$75 an hour to help get your plan in place and give you some tips on how to avoid some stressful situations along the way. 

Happy Planning! 

Xx Danielle


Never Grow Up!

When I started KSE in 2012 I had a vision of spending  my days designing beautiful, creative and personal events. Instantly, I knew that weddings were the perfect fit for my aesthetic and personality. 


Every now and then it very, very fun to get out of the "wedding box" and flex my creative muscles. So when my daughter (who happens to also be the company's namesake) started talking about a birthday party with Pirates + Fairies, I knew we were going to have some serious fun planning her Neverland Themed party. 

What I didn't expect was how much she has picked up around the KSE studio and in watching me work on projects, so when I caught her sketching out the table design for her party, the ante was officially up'd!

I loved designing this party right alongside my little side kick and I'm so proud to share some of the pictures with our KSE Family + Friends here!

Thank you to Encore Events Rentals, 505Design, Three Twins Ice Cream, and Lola Loves a Party for having the perfect selection of goodies and vision to make this little Pirate Fairy's day so special!

 The creative birthday girl and KSE namesake. 

The creative birthday girl and KSE namesake. 

 Invitations from  505design . 

Invitations from 505design

 Guests geared up in Pirate and Fairy themed outfits. 

Guests geared up in Pirate and Fairy themed outfits. 

 The Polaroid photo booth did double duty: We snapped two pictures of the birthday girl with each guest - one for her keepsake and one for a thank you favor! Trust me, they got a kick out of having to shake their picture!

The Polaroid photo booth did double duty: We snapped two pictures of the birthday girl with each guest - one for her keepsake and one for a thank you favor! Trust me, they got a kick out of having to shake their picture!

 Table, linen and kids chair rentals from  Encore Events Rentals, Petaluma

Table, linen and kids chair rentals from Encore Events Rentals, Petaluma

 Neverland Centerpiece

Neverland Centerpiece

 Favors were a copy of Peter Pan with a red feather set at each place.

Favors were a copy of Peter Pan with a red feather set at each place.

 TeePee from Tiger Lily's village.

TeePee from Tiger Lily's village.

 The dessert table was our Pixie Hollow and featured some delicious treats perfect for an ice cream party. 

The dessert table was our Pixie Hollow and featured some delicious treats perfect for an ice cream party. 

 The only thing more perfect than the (kid-sized) 5oz  Three Twins Ice Cream  cups were these Neverland-inspired wooden spoons from  Lola Loves A Party !

The only thing more perfect than the (kid-sized) 5oz Three Twins Ice Cream cups were these Neverland-inspired wooden spoons from Lola Loves A Party!

 Face painting and ice cream were the perfect way for my little and her buddies to celebrate another year of magic and fun!

Face painting and ice cream were the perfect way for my little and her buddies to celebrate another year of magic and fun!

Real Wedding Wednesday: Kaitlin + Rich

Late last fall we had the honor of working with Kaitlin + Rich to style their beautiful vineyard wedding at Soda Rock Winery in Healdsburg. Not even rain could dampen their excitement and love for one another and we are so happy for this amazing couple as they start their fairy tale together. 

KSE Feature: where women create Business

We were so honored that the KSE Studio and home base was featured in the most current issue of where women create BUSINESS Winter 2015 Issue. The beautiful space that we share with Gina Petersen Photography is a true labor of love and a space where we can create, inspire, design and plan and we are so excited that readers will get the chance to see "behind the scenes" and enjoy the amazing photos of our offices. 

If you would like to pick up a copy of this issue, please check you local magazine retailer, craft store or click the following link to order a copy today: Stampington.com where women create BUSINESS

KSE and Gina Petersen Photography Feature in where women create BUSINESS Winter 2015

Real Wedding Wednesday: Sam + Eric

There are no words for how incredible this wedding and this couple was. No words. 

So instead, we want to share their wedding film, which we think says it all. 

Thanks for letting us be a part of your love story, Sam + Eric!

Wedding Film: Studio Arcady

Venue: Olympia's Valley Estate

Photography: Gina Petersen Photography

Catering: Lombardi's Catering

Floral Design: Vanda Floral

Event Rentals: Encore Events Rentals

Planning + Coordination: Kai Squared Events


T+T Featured on Borrowed & Blue!

We love getting to share the beautiful weddings that we work on with our friends and we ESPECIALLY love it when our favorite editors feel so inclined to share them as well. Today, Tamara + Todd's beautiful summer wedding at Olympia's Valley Estate was featured on Borrowed & Blue, one of our favorite wedding blogs and sources of wedding and design inspiration!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Confessions of a Wedding Planner

Sabine Scherer Photography

It's time to get something off of our chests. There are many secrets that we, your wedding planners, will take with us to the grave. And our job, in many cases, consists of making sure that you never know about certain details that may have gone haywire behind the scenes. We loved this list of "13 Things Your Wedding Planner Won't Tell You" from Reader's Digest: 13 Things They Won't Tell You and hope you enjoy seeing a little further behind the curtain. 

Wedding planners and pros from across the country reveal the messy side of making your wedding day unforgettable. Here's what they wish brides knew.
1. I keep secrets.  At one wedding I planned, the cake went missing after the bride and groom cut it. The bride soon asked where the cake was. Turns out the servers had taken it upon themselves to eat it! We cut the pieces smaller and the bride never knew. Keeping things quiet is the secret behind making the bride think the wedding was flawless.
2. If you've been engaged for a week... And your wedding planning organizer is thicker than mine (which usually contains paperwork for the five or six weddings I'm currently planning), then I automatically tell you that I'm booked on your date...and your backup date.
3. Your parents are paying?  I hope you understand you may not get what you want!
4. I feel like a therapist when I am forced to step in to help with family drama.   My insight is to be polite and respectful. Often, meddlesome people just want to be heard out. Since I’m an independent third party, I’m able to bring neutrality to emotionally charged situations.
5. I'll go to great lengths to make sure your wedding is perfect. Your wedding is my job and I'll do everything I can to make it memorable, including walking miles to a florist in Jamaica to correct the $700 bouquet that arrived to you spray-painted purple. 
6. I do manual labor and other dreadful tasks. I cannot even tell you how many times I've been on my hands and knees, sweating. I sometimes have to count the napkins and linens before they go back to the rental company. I'm talking dirty, smelly napkins, with food, gum and whatever else is on them. Talk about gross!
7. I wish you'd respond to my emails... As quickly as you expect me to reply to yours.
8. I'll make sure everything you're offered is in the contract. If the first manager you work with offers you a complimentary toast, get it in writing. If that manager leaves for whatever reason, you won't be forced to argue about these details with his or her replacement.
9. Don't forget the tax and service charge.  Many couples overlook the “plus plus” when planning a menu. Everything has a tax and service charge, and it really adds up, trust me!
10. My job is to make sure you don't have a big overage...  But many caterers will fix five percent more than what's guaranteed. While the buffet food can't be salvaged, what's leftover in the kitchen can. Ask your catering manager to send the extra food to a food bank.
11. Reuse flowers...  From ceremony to reception if at all possible. If you're planning to do this, tell your florist, otherwise your flowers may arrive one-dimensional, and won't look as nice in an open space.
12. Stay focused on the big picture.  It's easy to micromanage all of the details at the expense of the big picture. As long as people marry for the right reasons, the details of wedding planning are really secondary. Don't make decisions to please or impress others.
13. I still cry at weddings. Being part of the family for that short amount of time is truly rewarding. It’s when I’m sent baby photos that I know I had a real impact on a couple.

Tip Tuesday: What it means to be on a budget

One of the biggest concerns that many of our couples have when it comes to planning a wedding is their budget. We totally get this and understand  how out of hand spending can get once you get started. 

Our advice to budget-conscious couples is this: Being on a budget does not mean you need to find everything for less. Being on a budget means you need to search for vendors who will give you the best value for your investment and know where to cut expenses when necessary.

What if cutting Save the Dates, programs or menu cards meant that you could splurge on the gorgeous letter press invitations?

Sometimes selecting a caterer that's a little more per head means they can provide china, linens and flatware (and probably a better deal on those mini-pies you want to feature on your Pin-worthy dessert bar) saving you money in the long run. 

For more ways to look at smarter budget planning vs. drastic budget cutting, contact Kai Squared Events today to schedule a phone or in-person consultation.

Happy Planning! xx

Real Wedding Wednesday: Tamara + Todd

There just aren't enough adjectives to describe how awesome this wedding was! Tamara + Todd were so incredibly easy-going and fun to work with and it really allowed their team of event professionals to shine. From their emotional and touching ceremony (you can read about it here on Huffington Post Weddings) to serenades in lieu of toasts from their musically inclined wedding party, KSE was honored to be a part of every magical moment of their beautiful day!

Vendor Team


Tip Tuesday: Crowdfunding your wedding

Weddings are expensive.

But tradition and etiquette are shifting when it comes to weddings and a new trend of "crowdfunding" your wedding has started to pick up some momentum among many modern couples. Crowdfunding has traditionally been known in the sense of business or startups and is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.

It's no surprise to us that the generation that thrives on collaborative creation, embraces technology and invented social media is starting to look for creative and personal ways to celebrate their weddings.

So what does crowd funding  look like for a wedding and how do you keep that from sounding too tacky? What if instead of springing for an elaborate four tier wedding cake, your aunts and cousins pitched in to make a dessert bar featuring some of your favorite family recipes? Or let's say your neighbor is a master gardener with a rose garden that rivals the gardens at Versailles? Maybe as their wedding gift to you they let your florist harvest from their bushes instead of buying them from the market? Or what if in lieu of gifts, you asked for contributions to your honeymoon or house fund? 

There are all sorts of creative ways to use your loved ones talents and generosity to make your wedding incredibly personal, and contrary to what your future MIL might say, it's not tacky or cheap to ask (we promise!).

Check out this video featuring Julie Albaugh from WeddingMarket talking about the increasing popularity of crowdfunding for weddings and honeymoons. 

Happy Planning! xx Danielle

Real Wedding Wednesday: Kristen + Ryan

When we first met Kristen + Ryan, we knew their creative and infectious energy and love was going to make their wedding one-of-a-kind and incredibly unique. As the planning process progressed, it was clear that their charm was not lost on any of the amazing vendors that they brought into the team and each event professional that had the chance to work with them were honored to be a part of their beautiful day. 

From belly dancing to the poolside Moroccan lounges to the silk casbah tent, each detail of their big day was personal, vibrant and authentic to their personalities and creative spirits. 

Thank you, Kristen + Ryan for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your amazing wedding day! 

Venue: Buckeye Ranch Estate

Photography: Shadowing Lights Photography

Caterer: Vintage Valley Catering

Rentals: Encore Events Rentals and The Moroccan Boutique

Entertainment: Spectrum Mobile DJ

Planning + Coordination: Kai Squared Events